Commission Policy

By commissioning me, you agree to the following:



> Commissions are paid either through or Paypal.

> Any additional fees after this will be emailed to you via Paypal invoice.

> All commissions are to be paid in full upfront before I begin.


refunds & cancellations:

> I allow full refunds if I have not yet begun the sketch OR if I cannot complete your commission for some reason.

> Typically I will send a sketch for you to approve before going into the final design. If you want to cancel after this point you will receive a partial refund, dependent on the project details.

> I do NOT offer any refunds after I have finished the final art.



> I am happy to do edits during the sketch phase, please make sure you speak up then if something looks off.

> If you request major changes (i.e. changing the entire pose) after I have finished the final art, there may be additional fees.



> Do not claim the artwork as your own, alter it, or remove my watermark/signature.

> Do not resell or use for commercial purposes (let me know if interested in commercial work, including art for youtube/twitch)

> You can use your commissioned artwork however and wherever you'd like for personal use without credit. I would appreciate the credit if you can :)

> I have the right to reupload and use the artwork whenever I'd like, such as for commission examples or in a social media post.

> I will not claim your characters as my own.

> If you file a chargeback against me all permissions you have to use the artwork are retracted, and I have the right to resell the artwork to new buyers. You are not allowed to purchase commissions from me again, nor purchase products from LompyArt. I have the right to publicly post your name and chargeback details.


If you disagree or have questions about any of these terms, please contact me before commissioning. Thank you.

Last updated: April 7th, 2023